About Me

It was challenging to find clothing that was either available or fit me properly. I was struggling to find something to wear and not be living in my sons sweatpants. I visited retail after retail store, each time reaching the same conclusion. The retailers either didn't have a maternity department or the clothing was less exciting or it was going to cost me limbs and organs. Unfortunately, this wasn't my first time encountering this situation. It was challenging to find clothing that didn't make me look either 20 years older than I was, or they weren't as fashionable as the higher end products. This time, I decided that I was going to do something about it, and start my own boutique. I knew people who owned boutiques, I knew the struggles, I also knew they were overcharging for a lot of their items and I wanted to be different. I sought out suppliers who were going to offer what I wanted and needed to offer. Where I had to control to pick the items, the pricing, and search high and low. After all, I've owned multiple businesses and I knew how to find what was needed. So I started Atarah Faith and Mommas Boutique, boutiques created to help mommas ease their search, pricing that makes sense, and a fun site to search. I am so excited to be on this journey and I truly hope you enjoy the products available! Just wait til you see what is coming next. You can find me on TikTok, Instagram and more. Just reach out and I will assist to the best of my ability. You can find top of line Clothing Brands and Accessories from this business and If you should want to get in touch with me you can at kimjeter@atarahfaith.com